How to Plan and Run a Festival

1.  Dates for festivals are usually set by the board sometime in late spring/early summer.  One (A) is held in November (Baroque or Classic), the other (b) in February (Romantic or Contemporary).

2.  Decide on a deadline for applications--usually two or more weeks before the event.  Give this date to the webpage master to include on both the Student Events page and on the online application form.  (ask your president who that is)

3.  In August for A or in December for B:  Verify that the JC is reserved for your event. 

4.  August for A or November for B--
(a) Send an announcement of the event to the branch newsletter and check with the website to see if the form online will work for you. 
(b) Your announcement could include the application form found on the website or you can refer members to the website forms for download. 
(c) Remind teachers via the newsletter that a piece with a commonly used title (i.e. Minuet in G) needs to include the first 2 measures of the piece so you can see what it is. 
(d) Also remind teachers that if they enter students in a festival, it obligates them to help with the event.  Some of the help will be needed before the festival and some during.

5.  September for A, November for B:  Order Ribbons.  You may need approximately 120-130.  There may be some leftover from the previous year.  Order ribbons from Alpine Awards  1-888-429-8600   Tell them it is for MTAC Sonoma County branch
    also in Concord 925-671-2079 and Sunnyvale 734-0301

6.  September/November (A / B) Assign someone to type the programs.

7.  October/December:  Remind teachers via the newsletter that the deadline for festival participants is fast approaching.

8.  October/January:  When the deadline for application is past, gather the applications and organize them as explained below:
    (a)  Watch for students who indicate duet partners, siblings, or carpool needs.  (top of sheet)  Clip those applications together.
    (b)  Sort applications according to hours requested and add "group (a)" where appropriate.
    (c)  Sort applications for level, age, and title of piece.  Try to avoid repeating the same piece in one program.
    (d)  Look for names of accompanists.  Keep each accompanist to one program (to hold costs down).  If an accompanist is playing for two different studios, then keep those times together so the accompanist can leave.  You can schedule that accompanist at the last part of one program and into the first half of the next program as necessary. 
    (d)  Place students who don't request specific times where needed for variety.
    (e)  Add up times for each recital.  Keep the recitals to 45 minutes if possible so you have time to pass out ribbons, recognize teachers, and allow people to exit.
    (f)  Students of one teacher don't have to be in the same recital, but to eliminate long hours for the teacher, perhaps schedule their students in the second 1/2 of one recital and the first 1/2 of the next one.  Watch for variety.  It is good for students to hear performances from several studios.
    (g)  Give your proposed program to the typist and have copies made, approximately 3 per student.
    (h)  Separate the ribbons into ziplock bags along with the program that goes with them so you don't have to do this during the festival.  If you wish to fill them out, assign a teacher to help write the name of the festival on them and the name of the student as found on the program.

9.  Add the checks and make a list of those who paid.  Note who did not.

10.  Send an e-mail list to each teacher participating that includes student and time assigned.  Assign someone to help phone teachers to remind them to check their e-mail and send their money in.  If there are duets, remind teachers that they must bring music stands and extra benches where required.

11.  Send the MTAC treasurer a report of payments received and expenses.  She will instruct you on specifics.

12.  Prepare  signs:  (2) Exit Only   (arrow for direction to the right)      (1) Enter   (arrow to the left)    (1) Quiet Please Performance in Progress

13.  Thursday:  Call Community Services 527-4371, press "o" immediately.  Request that they (1) notify the physical plant to have heat on until 6:00 p.m.  Tell them you will be coming on Friday to pick up a key.  Ask if they will give you both a door key and a piano closet key.  (2) confirm with campus police that the auditorium and bathrooms will be open by 11:30 a.m. on the day of the event.  Remind them to open the piano closet if you weren't given a key.

14.  November/February:  Pick up a key at the JC, the last business day before the Festival (Friday).

15.  Date of event:  Phone the campus police to make certain they will have the room open (and the bathrooms and piano closet if you have no key)
Bring programs, signs, and scotch tape to the festival and arrive at 11:30 a.m.

Things the other teachers can be assigned during the weeks before:
    Sign Making
    Typing the Program
    Preparing ribbons (filling out the little cards on the back)

Things the other teachers can be assigned to do during the festival
    Award handouts (2 helpers each hour for day of event)
    Room and Stage Set-up (if there are ensembles with stands or electronic keyboards these need to be hooked up at 11:30 a.m. prior to first concert)
    Greeting guests and handing out programs
    Door Monitors
    Clean up after the festival.
    The Announcer (see text below)

On the Day of the Festival:

Put up Exit Only, Quiet, and Enter Signs using tape.  Quiet goes in the entry.  Exit goes inside the auditorium and on the right in the entry. 
Remove podium to one side of the stage.  Bring out piano.

The Welcome:
    Welcome to our _________ Festival presented by MTAC.  We wish to thank the Jr. College for allowing us the use of this excellent facility.
    Students, please follow the printed program and come forward as soon as the student before you has finished.  Remember to bow before and after you play.  Take time to adjust the piano bench.  Festival Ribbons will be awarded at the end of hour.
    Parents and guests:  Please remain seated until the program is over.  We will be exiting to your right.  However, if you have an emergency and must leave, use the upper exit at the rear of the auditorium. 
    There are a few changes in the program:  

End of the Concert:
    We would like to acknowledge our teachers who are here.  Please stand.  (applause)
All students who performed in this hour's program please come to the stage now.  Audience, we ask that you hold your applause until all the awards are given out.  Thank you.  Will my assistants please bring out the rewards.  (You read the program names and your helpers find the ribbons).

These wonderful performers deserve another round of applause.  (applause)
Before you exit, please look around your seats for your personal belongings, then exit through the doors to your right.
Thank you so much for coming.

The Wrap Up:
1.  Clear the auditorium of any litter left behind.
2.  Close the piano lid and key cover.
3.  Notify the campus police that you are closing.  You don't have to wait for them to arrive. 522-2770  Remind them to lock the piano in the closet if you weren't given a key.  Ask them if they want you to leave a light on for them to lock the piano.
4.  Turn off the house and stage lights.  You may leave one bank on for the campus police if they need to lock the piano up.
5.  Lock the door and drop off the key in the Community Services Drop slot.