Performance Competition

What is Performance Competition?

Performance Competition is an opportunity for piano students to perform solos and duets before a judge.  The event is held annually, usually in the month of April. There are three divisions of competition--Elementary Division (School Grades 1-6), Junior Division (School Grades 7-9), and Senior Division (School Grades 10-12).  Prizes are rewarded for winners in each division.  These vary depending on the year but often include a combination of the following: trophies, gift certificates, and cash prizes.


Performance Competition is open to piano students residing in Sonoma, Lake, or Mendocino counties who are currently studying a teacher who is a member of MTAC Sonoma County (any active, provisional, and contributory member).  Students from 1st through 12th grade are eligible if they have studied with an MTAC teacher for at least six months prior to the competition.

Registration Fees

Solo Division:  $20
Duet Division:  $20 per student

Requirements for Students

1.  All entrants must perform in at least one branch-sponsored recital, festival or CM Honors recital in the school year when the competition takes place (see Student Events page for details).
2.  Elementary Division students compete at their study level (Level 2 through Advanced).  Time Limit per student:  8 minutes
3.  Junior Division students are divided into four groups--Levels 4-5 and 6-7 have 10 minutes.  Levels 8-9 and Advanced have 12 minutes.
4.  If a student is performing a longer piece, the judge will stop them when their time limit is reached.
5.  Advancement--a 1st place winner must advance to the next level to be eligible for the next year's competition.  When a student reaches Advanced Level, they may continue to enter as long as they are 12th grade or below.
6.  Original scores of music must be provided for the judges.  NO PHOTO COPIES!  CDROM copies accepted with symbol revealing payment made.
7.  No changes in repertoire allowed after the deadline.

Requirements for Teachers

1.  Teachers must use the official entry forms with only 1 check per studio (payable to MTAC Sonoma County).
2.  Entry deadlines are posted on the Student Events page of this website.  No late entries accepted.
3.  All teachers who enter students are required to help on the day of competition.
4.  Help your students with the requirements listed above.

Piano Solo Division

1.  Perform two memorized compositions from contrasting periods of music history (Baroque, Classic, Romantic, Impressionistic through Present Day.)
2.  Compositions must be selected from the current year CM Syllabus, addendum or Branch Supplementary list.  Where students play at a combined level (see item 3 under requirements for students), repertoire may be taken from either level.  Registration Level does not have to correspond to the student's current CM level.
3.  Single movements from longer works should be performed without repeats except "da capo."  Short compositions from the same opus may be grouped as a single work.

Duet Division

1.  Two short works or one longer work may be performed but without repeats.
2.  Memory is not required.  Performers will provide page-turner, bench, and stands.
3.  Repertoire must be original works or recognized transcriptions--no "popular" tunes, thematic excerpts, or simplifications.
4.  The student in the highest school grade determines the division.


1.  Elementary Division:  Prizes will be available in all levels.
2.  Junior Division:  Prizes are given for each group level.
3.  Senior Division:  Prizes are given for each group level.  One Special Award for a graduation Senior.
4.  To receive awards, students must perform in the Awards Recital (see dates on Student Events page.)