Student Benefits

Music students benefit greatly from our programs.  Many teachers prepare their students for Certificate of Merit evaluations, which take place in the spring of each year.  Students who attain a high level of achievement in performance, sight-reading, ear-training, theory and technique are eligible to perform at the State Convention in June/July.  A performance competition for MTAC-Sonoma County students is held in the late spring; three outside judges award trophies and cash prizes at each age and level.

Each year MTAC-Sonoma County organizes two music festivals based on eras of music history (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary).  These are open to students of all music teachers in Sonoma, Lake, and Mendocino Counties.  MTAC-Sonoma County and CAPMT jointly sponsor three or four student recitals each year.  Students of MTAC-Sonoma County teachers also have the opportunity to participate in master classes, once or twice a year.

Student composers can submit manuscripts and recordings of their compositions to be evaluated in the Composers Today program; selected composers have the opportunity to have their pieces performed in state convention symposium recitals.  Adult students can participate in the Certificate of Merit program, recitals and festivals, and the Adult Performance Program.

The branch has a scholarship fund to help with the cost of student lessons.   The Ken Fisher Scholarship is awarded through an application process.  The form is due the last week of September.  The form is mailed to the current branch treasurer.  Click here to view form and policies:  Ken Fisher Scholarship Application Form.  In October, the scholarship committee reviews the applications and makes a decision on recipients for the year.