Student Events
Kurt violins

Guidelines for student participants: 
1.  All music must be memorized.                                   
2.  Literature:  Certificate of Merit syllabi as guideline
3.  Entry received on time along with entry fee.             
4.  Concert attire:                                                               
no shorts, sports clothes, mini-skirts.
5.  All teachers, students and parents should stay          
until the end of the recital.                                     

Student Recitals
Student Recitals are held jointly with CAPMT and are open to students
of any music teacher in Sonoma or Lake Counties. 
These events are made possible through the
Music Department of the Santa Rosa Junior College.

MTAC Chair:  Marcele Gallez (Fall and Winter)
CAPMT Chair:  Debbie Bartle (Spring Recital)
Entry deadline:            10 days prior to recital 

Fees: $8 per entry

Friday, October 27, 2017     7:00 pm    Forsyth 105, SRJC
     Deadline October 17
Friday, January 26, 2018   7:00 pm    Forsyth 105, SRJC
     Deadline January 16
Friday, April 13, 2018          7:00 pm    Forsyth 105, SRJC
     Deadline April 3 (send to CAPMT Chair--see e-mail/newsletters
for details)

**Download the form on the bottom right of page to enroll

Ken Fisher Scholarship

See forms to download on right bottom side of this page

Deadline Sept 30--send application to Treasurer

  Chair:  Peggy Nance
    Sunday, December 3, 2017
    Fees:  $10 solos
               duets/ensembles (see application form)
    Entry Deadline:  Nov. 21, 2017
    Newman Auditorium, SRJC
**Download form on bottom right of page to enroll

  Chair:  Sophia Lin, Amy Wong
    Sunday Feb. 4 or 11,  2018
Newman Auditorium, SRJC
    Fees:  $10 solos
                duets/ensembles (see application form)
    Entry Deadline: January 20 or 27, 2018
**Download form on bottom right of page to enroll in the festival

 Certificate of Merit      details
Chair:  Amy Wong
Voice Chair:  Mary Beard
Harp Chair:  Laurie Hartman

Entry Deadline:  Oct 31 of each year

CM dates:  Saturday, Mar. 3, 2018
          voice and piano
                    Sunday, Mar. 4, 2018
           piano only

Piano:  Green Music Center,  SSU
Voice:  5301 Badger Road,  Santa Rosa


 CM Honors Recital
     March 11, 2018
   Time:  TBA 1-3:00 p.m.
   Location: Newman Auditorium, SRJC
Composers Today      details
A program for students who wish to learn how to create an
original composition and enter it for evaluation.  Registration
December 1 through January 15.

County Workshop by Melva Wheelwright & Helen Scott by appointment   
        Student fee:  $10 (sign up through your teacher)

Regional Evaluation:         Entry Deadline - January 15, 2018
State Contest:                    Entry Deadline - March 30, 2018
Symposium Application:    Entry Deadline - April 20, 2018
Piano Performance Competition     details

Piano:  Sunday, April 22, 2018 (tentative date)
    Entry Deadline:  (tentative) April 6 by e-mail to Robin Beloff-Wachsberg
    Forsyth 105, SRJC 
Awards Recital: 
     Sunday, April 19, 2018 (tentative date)
     Newman Auditorium, SRJC
Forms to download and print

MTAC Festivals

CAPMT/MTAC Joint Recital

Festivals, How To Plan

Ken Fisher Scholarship application
Updated September, 2017