Teacher Events

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Association Meetings
Social - 9:30 a.m.     Meeting - 10:00-11:00 a.m.

September 19     (Tues) Welcome Back  Luncheon
Business and Catch-up        Tipp Thai Restaurant, 1778 Piner Road, S.R.

October 17  (Tues)    New Piano Repertoire 
Presenter:  Gail Lew                 
Host:   Gwen Churchill

November 21  (Tues)    Vocal Pedagogy and Songs

Presenter:   Joshua Bailey

Host: Nicki Bell (see newsletter for address)

January 16   (Tues) Jubilee Klezmer Ensemble
Sonia Tubridy (accordion),
P. Alexander (clarinet)
A. Kass (vocal) and possibly others
Host:  Thelma Dare Ahner

February 20 (Tues)  Seymour Bernstein, "Seymour:  An Introduction"  (documentary film)
Host:  Mary Beard

March 20 (Tues)  French Composers/Impressionist
Style. Book discussion:  Paris/The Musical Kaleidoscope
1870-1925, by Elaine Brody
Host:  Marcele Gallez

April 17  (Tues)   Evolution of Tuning Harpsichords
and Pianos:  How Equal Temperament Ruined
Presenter:  Aaron Westman
Host:  Robin Wachsberg

May 15 (Tues)  Business meeting  &  Potluck
  Installation of new officers       
  Performance Sharing Group recital
 Host:  Gail Embree


Performance Sharing
(Where you can share a piece you are working on or a special piece you've found,
to hang onto an old favorite you don't to forget, or get rid of performance jitters)

Social 9:30     Performance 10:00

October 10      Diana Schrader        
November 14  Gail Embree 
January 9       
Marcele Gallez
February 13    Mary Beard
March 13        Diana Schrader 
April 10          Carol Schindler   
May 8             Rehearsal, 
                        Gail Embree
 May 15          Final Performance
                        Gail Embree

          State Convention  details

Convention 2018 will be held from June 29 to July 3
at the Hyatt Regency in Orange County, CA

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